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A 2015 study by the Hamilton Project concluded that in order to increase the economic security and upward mobility of the less educated, thereby reducing poverty, we must increase the educational opportunities and skillsets of the less educated and lower-income individuals.


The coronavirus pandemic only served to make matters worse, particularly for those without post-secondary education. According to the Institute of Education Sciences’ Report on the Condition of Education 2022, previous gains in employment and earnings were reversed during COVID.


“Educational attainment is associated with economic outcomes, such as employment and earnings, as well as with changes in these outcomes during the pandemic…For those who had completed high school and those with some college, employment rates increased from 2010 to 2019, but these gains were reversed to 68 and 75 percent, respectively, during the coronavirus pandemic.”


It is because of  the link between higher education and economic security that we created the BLOOM Scholarship Award, a key tactic in our arsenal of change.


We established this program to support the 11,000 residents living in these affordable housing properties on their path to fulfillment. Most recently, BLOOM awarded a total of $24,000 to four individuals pursuing an undergraduate degree.

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Thanks to our donors, we are able to award grants to local business owners, property managers, asset managers and other service providers who wish to offer a variety of onsite continuing education and wellness programming in support of the residents.

Support Financial Empowerment Programs


BLOOM partnered with Operation HOPE to provide the residents with a financial wellbeing coach who has extensive experience in providing the necessary tools and education for individual growth, specifically in underserved communities.


Donations help us fund the one-on-one coaching sessions, virtual workshops and in-person events led by Operation HOPE’s financial wellbeing coach. As a result, more and more individuals will build their credit, reduce debt, increase savings and prepare themselves for homeownership.

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Your generous contributions allow us to fulfill our mission of providing educational advancement and financial empowerment to those who need it most.